As the importer and exclusive distributor for a number of innovative manufacturers, Connector offers a unique range of products all of which comply with the RoHS guidelines and European legislation. Kontakt Chemie has held an international top position for many years as a manufacturer of a complete range of technical sprays.
As its exclusive distributor, Connector offers the entire range of available environmentally-friendly aerosol cans for cleaning, air dusting, lubricating and protecting electronic equipment.

Furthermore, Connector is also the exclusive distributor in the Netherlands of protection and cleaning products by SafeClean. With these products you can safely clean the specially coated surfaces of TFT, LCD and plasma screens.

Profitec, a consumer electronics hypermarket, occupies a prominent position in German-speaking Europe. Thanks to its exclusive right of sale, Connector is able
to supply its very extensive product line at very competitive prices.

For many years, Connector has been the exclusive distributor of Antex soldering systems, desolder pumps, soldering iron tips and tin/lead solders. In addition the assortment includes:

  • HSGM Engel the specialists in soldering irons and heat-cutting equipment.
    HSGM also produces compact and complete sets of wireless soldering equipment for service engineers.
  • Georg Kübler produces antenna amplifiers and splitters for television,
    radio and multimedia cable connections. Connector imports and supplies
    the entire Kübler assortment.
  • Highbright and Highpower LED’s in different wattages and colours.
  • LAC fuses; Connector can supply a very comprehensive assortment in many
     types and ratings from stock. 
  • Neutrik - specialists in audio connectors – makes the right plug for every audio and video connection.
  • Enclosures by BIM, Schyller and Retex. Three manufacturers who perfectly complement each other in terms of application. Different series of standard
    ASB enclosures to IEC and EN standards for indoor and outdoor use, supplemented by attractive customised desktop models for advanced telecom applications and finally 19” racks for industrial applications.
  • Kaiser plugs, sockets & connectors are a guarantee for quality and reliability. Connector has carried this brand for many years and supplies all possible AC plugs for American, British and CEE connections.
  • Procar, the manufacturer of plugs, signal splitters and connectors that can be simply plugged into a vehicle cigarette lighter. The rapid advances in wireless communication techniques mean that automotive plugs, sockets & connectors are becoming increasingly important.
  • Bugari pliers for professional use.

Cables and leads for electrical, electronic, telecom and multimedia applications represent a large proportion of Connector’s assortment. As does a wide array of solutions for internal installation and external connections.